In which I compare my most recent playthrough, to the most challenging campaign I've ever won.
The hardest mission in the game.
With only 2 utility slots per soldier there are some tough decisions to make.
Your squad is incredibly strong, but every mistake is a potential disaster. Good thing you have a shadow device.
The best sidekick for the Pathfinder is a Shogun or a Valkyrie.
Good stuff from around the internet.
My favorite class.
Solid shooters that are replaced by MECs.
Summer is the season for MECs.
During this stage of the campaign, you need to have a plan for taking down stronger enemies, and raiding transports. Also a few notes about Battlescann…
Every Commanders favorite low aim shooter.
Do you want to build squads that will always work great, or would you rather try to build your squads to perform optimally for certain situations?